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Ecuador coat of arms

Coat of arms of Ecuador

In 1900 Congress established the Coat of Arms and the flag as the physical symbols of the Homeland.

It is an oval within which there is one of the most extraordinary landscapes in the land of Ecuador. A blue sky shows the Andean giant Chimborazo; From its silver snow falls a river whose waters widen in a way that overflows in the luxuriously vegetated valleys. In it sails, a steamship whose mast is a caduceus, symbol of navigation and commerce.

The coat of arms of Ecuador rests on consular beams, the insignia of republican dignity. National flags, laurel branches, palm trees surround it, adorning it, and it is crowned by a condor with its wings spread.

Meaning of the elements

  • Sun: when tracing the terrestrial Ecuador, gives the country its name; since ancient times it was worshiped as a beneficial divinity and is the highest symbol of an Ecuadorian people.

  • Signs of the zodiac: are those of the months in which the libertarian deed was consummated, whose climax was the Battle of Pichincha, on May 24, 1822.

  • Chimborazo: symbolizes the Sierra or Inter-Andean region; the wide river, the coast or coast.

  • River: it joins the two regions, symbolizing that union that makes the wealth of the country, wealth whose symbol is the ship with a caduceus for a mast.

  • Condor: it is a symbol of power and freedom that does not suffer obstacles.


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