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Flag of Ecuador

Ecuador flag

The Flag of Ecuador is the symbol that represents the country and the Ecuadorian people around the world. It is divided into three horizontal stripes, from top to bottom, yellow, blue and red. In the center is the coat of arms, which represents the spiritual greatness of the country.

It is one of the 3 national symbols of Ecuador, it has undergone several transitions throughout history until reaching the current Flag of Ecuador. The colors and design are similar to the flags of Colombia and Venezuela, since these three nations were part of Greater Colombia.

The history of Ecuador begins in the Spanish era 1534, where the flag of the "Spanish Empire" was adopted, with a white flag with red stripes, which form an X pattern. In 1809 it was known as "The First Cry of Independence" and the flag had inverted colors, that is to say, red flag with white stripes.

In 1820 Guayaquil seeks independence and maintains its own government with a 5-strip flag. In the center strip 3 white stars that represent its administrative districts. In 1822 he was from Gran Colombia, he adopted the Colombian tricolor flag with a shield in its center.

In 1830, after the creation of the Republic of Ecuador, the flag was kept with a slight change in the shield. Later in 1835 after the presidential decree said shield was eliminated. At the time of the marcista revolution in 1845, the colors of the flag were changed and remained until 1860.

President Gabriel García Moreno by means of a decree reestablished the use of the tricolor in 1860. However, it was not until 1900 that he created an official regulation for the use of the tricolor flag.

Meaning of colors

  • Yellow: Symbolizes the fertility of the land and the abundance of crops, as well as gold and sun. The yellow stripe occupies the top half of the flag.

  • Blue: It occupies half the size of the yellow stripe and symbolizes the color of the sky and the ocean.

  • Red: It is the same size as the blue stripe, symbolizing the blood shed by the soldiers and martyrs who fought in the battles of Independence.


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