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Galapagos Finch Bay Hotel

Galapagos Finch Bay HotelExperience the Galapagos of your dreams in this in-depth Galapagos Adventure that puts you in close contact with the natural world, while enjoying a relaxing stay at the Finch Bay Hotel on Santa Cruz Island.

The charming Finch Bay Hotel - named after the famous Darwin's Finches abundant in the surroundings - is just steps from the beach on a private seaside location, surrounded by mangroves. Here guests can cherish the privacy, natural surroundings and superb service offered by the Finch Bay.

Located on Santa Cruz Island at Punta Estrada, across the bay from the town of Puerto Ayora, the hotel is situated in a quiet location, with only pedestrian and bicycle circulation - there are no cars in the neighborhood.

The hotel has a first class service and infrastructure, a very ecology-minded operation and will guaranty you will have one of the best experiences of your life. It is located across Academy Bay in front of the main town, it's kind of isolated from the rest of the town. You have to take a 10 minute ride on a small boat, to go to town, and the hotel provides a 24-hour shuttle for this purpose. It's part of the adventure.

Finch Bay Hotel accommodates 42 guests with 21 twin-bedded rooms, each with private facilities, air conditioning and unlimited water supply, as the hotel has its own desalinization plant. This ecologically oriented hotel also boasts innovative garbage processing and recycling programs. The entire infrastructure as well as the activities are totally oriented to a concept of true ecotourism in a pistine natural environment.

Galapagoshotels, Finch Bay, poollGalapagos Naturalists accompany you on some activities, and bring the surrounding wonders to life with their extensive knowledge of the natural history, legends, geology, and other amazing features of the Archipelago. Adventure is a footstep away as you start the day with fabulous sunrises, under the warmth of the Equatorial sun. And each evening ends with unforgettable stargazing in Equatorial skies. Some activities are provided free of charge as part of the hotel's facilities, others are available at an additional cost.

Activities: Wildlife observation, Bird watching, Snorkeling and diving, Sea kayaking, Hike to Tortuga Bay, Visit of the Charles Darwin Station, Giant Tortoise Reserve, Las Grietas, Lava tubes of Santa Cruz, Horseback riding


Simple: $.125
Double: $.138
Triple: $.207

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