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Galapagos Islands

Marine Reserve

In March 1998, Ecuador created one of the world’s largest protected areas with 138,000 square kilometer, the Galapagos Marine Reserve. This spectacular wildlife is just the most visible part of a complex and unique ecosystem.

The Galapagos waters also renowned for their large marine animals, notably cetaceans and sharks, some of them forming large underwater clouds. It because of the cold ocean currents that bring rich nutrients for food, and the great variety of habitats: coral reefs, mangrove lagoons, rocky areas and sandy beaches. Many other species depend on the Galapagos marine life for their food, such as sea birds that eat fish, and the marine iguanas that feed on algae growing on the bottom of the sea.

Marine life in the Galapagos waters is closely related to the life on the islands. Island animals depend on the ocean. Birds and animals existing near the water has a variety of distinctive habitats and endemic species including the world's only sea-going lizard, the Marine Iguana. Other notable wildlife includes the Sea Lion, Fur Seal, Galapagos Penguin, Flightless Cormorant, Waved Albatross, Lava Gull, Swallow-Tailed Gull and the spectacular marine life including Whale Sharks, Galapagos Sharks, Hammerheads, Manta Rays and Leopard Rays.


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