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Quito hotels, Casa Quito HotelUndoubtedly one of the best options for your next stay in Quito, Casa Quito is tradition for accommodation in the capital of Ecuador. Located in the most secure area of "La Floresta", home to other major hotels like the Swissotel and Radisson Royal Hotel. Hotel Casa Quito provide luxury and comfort at low prices. The Hotel has been recognized by Travel Magazine as "without doubt the best place for a quiet stay in the downtown area of the capital", this small jewel of the city glows with its own light.

Casa Quito is strategically located within walking distance of the Colonial Center and the financial area of Quito. The hotel offers free transfer in service for its guests, which not only provides security but also save time and money along the way.


The rooms are spacious, with carpeted floors, wooden high ceilings and views of the valleys of Quito and the beautiful surrounding mountains, headquarters of Pichincha volcano. Large rooms can be adapted to accommodate up to 4 people.

A small and cozy hotel managed by the owners guarantees a safe, comfortable and successful visit that will not go beyond your budget.

Casa Quito Hotel offers you wireless Internet, satellite television, LCD screens in each room, safety boxes with electronic key, rest rooms, a cozy dining room, several fireplaces and a kitchen in which you will always be welcome. Also you will find computers connected to the Internet with high-speed connection to maintain contact with your family. At the end of the day enjoy a movie in the cinema of the hotel.

If you are looking for a safe, comfortable and convenient stay at low prices, the Hotel Casa Quito is he best choice. It is important to note that due to the popularity of the hotel in some seasons it is difficult to find availability.


  • Free breakfast
  • Free wireless internet access
  • Free Luggage storage
  • Parking
  • Laundry service
  • 24-hours Reception
  • 24-hours Security
  • Tours
  • Travel agency
  • Rest rooms
  • Cable TV


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Hotels in Quito, Hotel Casa Quito room

Hotels in Quito, Hotel Casa Quito room

Hotels in Quito, Hotel Casa Quito fireplace

Hotels in Quito, Hotel Casa Quito living room

Hotels in Quito, Hotel Casa Quito living room

Hotels in Quito, Hotel Casa Quito dining room

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Quito Hotels, Hotel Casa Quito
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