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Alberto Mena Caamaño museum

The Wax Museum in the Mena Caamaño Museum of the Municipality of Quito Pichincha EcuadorThe 3 of April of 1957, Mr. Alberto Mena Caamaño donated to the Municipality of Quito his valuable collection of objects of art and documents hoarded throughout his life. Two years later, the 9 of November of 1959, the Museum was inaugurated that takes its name.

The new proposal of permanent exhibition for the Alberto Mena Caamaño museum will denominate "Of Quito Ecuador" and will be a trip from 1700 to 1830, from Pedro Vicente Maldonado to the sprouting of the new independent republic that decided on the name of Ecuador.

The collections of the museum will be handled in temporary thematic exhibitions distributed in four rooms and one conceptual room, that will allow the visitor to understand, to interpret, to reflect and to interact with the exposed thing, and, through the route by the Metropolitan Cultural Center, to know the points historical that recreate the facts happened in the building.

The Alberto Mena Caamaño museum Includes:

- Permanent sample of colonial and republican art.

- Permanent sample of modern Ecuadorian art, whose base is works that have deserved the annual prize of painting and sculpture "Mariano Aguilera".

- Historical permanent sample "From Quito to Ecuador", that takes to the visitor by a route from Pedro Vicente Maldonado to the first Shout of Independence and the martyrdom of the 2 of August of 1810, and culminates in the wax museum.

- Scene of the 2 of August of 1810, in wax figures, inspired by a picture of Cesar Villacres and elaborated by the French Alexander Barbieri. The statues are located in the same place in where procers was assassinated by the military Limean.


Address: Pasaje Espejo No.1147 Quito Pichincha Ecuador
Open: Monday - Friday, from 08:00 to 16:45.
Saturday: From 09:00 to 14:00.
Services: Tours.

























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