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Casa de Benalcazar museum

Sample of the art collection of de House of Benalcazar in Quito EcuadorThe 6 of December of 1534 the Act of Foundation of San Francisco of Quito was signed, this in honor to the conqueror Francisco Pizarro.

At the top of the new inhabitants is captain Sebastian de Benalcazar, once the muleteer Sebastian Moyano. Under the European architectonic logic, the city in grid form draws up. And one of the lots that reserve for the residence of the Benalcazar founder gave to the edges of the town. Nevertheless, when this one part to conquer Popayan, gives the house to Pedro de Puelles, that stops the time celebrated of corregidor of the Quito Town hall. Puelles died later stabbed years in one of the first revolts of the town of old Ecuador.

The construction that can be appreciated at the moment in the corner of the streets Benalcazar and Olmedo is not of the days of the conquest: its construction data of beginnings of century XVIII.

The place now is administered by the Institute of Hispanic Culture, an organization that persecutes the syncretism and the interchange of cultural experiences between Spain and Ecuador. For the effect it has been constituted in a gallery of the colonial art, besides to have an ample library on Literature and Iberian history, and a film library with several documentary binational ones.


Address: Olmedo and Benalcazar Quito Pichincha Ecuador.
Open: Monday - Friday, from 09h30 to 13h00 and from 15h30 to 19h00
Services: Tours.































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