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Eloy Alfaro Military School museum

Detail of the Eloy Alfaro Military School Museum in Quito Pichincha EcuadorThis Eloy Alfaro Military School museum counts on a complex that nonsingle is destined to military history. The the past archaeological nature and also has their space. Suits and the ammunition used in the wars of independence, pictures of the illustrious military of the country, rest of the anonymous soldiers fallen in combat and some personal effects of general Eloy Alfaro are the treasures of the Templete of the Heroes. This it is the main point from visit to this cultural enclosure that reviews the public-spirit, gallantry and the native symbols of the Ecuadorian.

The archaeological track of the country, the natural wealth of the four regions and the brightness of guns, uniforms and insignias have their space in the Cultural Center of the Eloy Alfaro Military School .

One appears the public in three atmospheres: the Templete of the Heroes, the Anthropological and Natural Museum and the Geodesic Park. The complex extends in seven rooms. By tradition, the Templete of the Heroes is suggested like the point of greater attraction. The site settled down in 1919, in first stage of the building that today is the Ministry of Defense, because it worked there, by then, Military School of Quito. In 1938 the institution was transferred to its present premises (in the avenues Orellana and Amazonas).

Already in 1943, general Marcos Gandara, professor of Military History, devised the construction of the present Templete. And the work was in charge to Uruguayan architect Jones Odriozola, author of the first regulating plan of the growth of the city of Quito. The construction of the building concluded in 1945. And the following year it opened his doors to the public, for the exhibition of the armament, the clothes, the ammunition and the rest of some combatants of Batalla of the Pichincha, and the war with Peru, in 1941. The first bones are of anonymous heroes, but between second they appear those of Lieutenant Hugo Ortiz, the Cabo Luis Minacho, the Greater Molina Gaul, Captain Augusto Rivadeneira, etc.

In addition, the site lodges the epaulets, decorations, ponchos, kepis and a fragment of the skull of Eloy Thin Alfaro, the ' Old Fighter'. The Anthropological and Natural Museum divides its space for the commonness of ancestral Ecuador, and for the wealth in flora and fauna of the present country. The first section guards a rich reserves from archaeological pieces of all the pre-Columbian cultures. Second it presents environments that they evoke most representative of each corner of the country, from his elements cultures to his biodiversity, this staged in 100 embalmed species.

In order to close the visit, you have to your disposition the Geodesic Park, a site that renders tribute to the astrological principles of the native societies, and to the visits of the French missions. With this antecedent, you will be able to appreciate a recreation of the astronomical calendars, in addition to an allegory to the route that follows the sun in the equinoxes, dates in which she bathes of fecundity to earth bordering to parallel 0.


Address: Av. Orellana and Amazonas.
Open: Monday - Sunday from 09:00 to 12h00 and from 14:00 to 17:00.
Services: Tours.


















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