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Latacunga Ecuador

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Latacunga Ecuador

Park in Latacunga EcuadorThe capital of the province of Cotopaxi is known it by its racially mixed celebration of "Mama Negra". Nevertheless, Latacunga must more offer.

When walking by his narrow and paved with stones streets, it is understood that possible Inca was founded on an inn and one of the meaning of its name is "Llacta cunani", that in Castilian means "I give home them". Latacunga was part of libertaria history, because it supported develops guayaquileña of the 9 of October of 1820. It was a rest area of proceres that went from Quito to Guayaquil.

Another attractiveness is the churches of Salto, the Cathedral and San Francisco who shows the beauty of the religious art. In the park still it is possible to listen to sparrows, to admire picaflores or to chat with his inhabitants who little by little get used to receiving more tourists. For those who please of the exercise, the Park Nautical in the Lagoon is a good place to take a walk in boats to pedals.

It is made in two occasions: The first in September organized by the "vivanderas" of the markets "La Merced" and "El Salto", in honor to the Virgin of "La Merced" that appeased the fury of Cotopaxi volcano in its eruption of 1742, reason for which the latacungueños proclaimed "Lawyer and patron to it of the volcano". Second it is the celebration with which the inhabitants of the city of Latacunga celebrate year after year the anniversary of their independence. It is a parade of popular, military, civilian, ecclesiastical and mythical personages who give luster to the courtship. Between the attractiveness of the celebration they are:

"Angel de la Estrella": All dress of target with wings and crowns, takes in its hand a sceptre in which shines "Angel de la Estrella"... a star; it is riding in an adorned white horse with care, at certain moment of the ceremonial one it recites loas of praise to the virgin of "Mercedes" and "El Capitán". This angel in which he talks about the offer that the Virgin does evokes within the Catholic religion to the "Arcángel San Gabriel" the moment of Announcement, meanwhile which one becomes permanent guardian of the Greater Prioste or Captain whose being must be safeguard at all costs to obtain success in the celebration; doubtlessly it is Spanish influence.

Church in Latacunga Ecuador"La Mama Negra": It is the center of attention of comparsa riding with donaire and masters, their typical attire of the "La Mama Negra"... town, says to the huge hermosura of the policromos follones, embroidered shirt, adornments and manifold pañolones that is changed in each corner, the constant renovation make two people in as much one third is the one in charge to take a full briefcase of these articles, complete range of colors and models, in the haunch of the horse go alforjones within which they are the two small colored people which they represent the children of "Mama Negra", which as well takes in his hands a wrist, its smaller daughter according to saying; to this one it is making dance it between peculiar and picaresque gestures without it lacks the moment at which "Mama Negra" tightens the "chispero" (receiving with a mixture of milk and water) sending I eliminate agape spectators.

"Los Abanderados": This military group between the last years has undergone a remarkable transformation, because "El Abanderado"...originally it took three flags: the Spanish, the one of the encomenderos and the one of square polícromos that were used from inmemoriables times by primitive Tacungas, Sigchos, Tigualóes, Angamarcas and other human conglomerates, next went in correct formation the Honor guards, at the so single present time can be appreciated to the Flagman with the pavilion nativo(el with picture of carrying two intense colors) and lieutenant of alfanje in their hands; "Los Abanderados" with modest elegance is making with the flag a series of undulatory movements "mil guaraguas". "El Capitán".

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