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Quito travel agencies, Yuturi TourYuturi Tour is specialised in tours to the Ecuadorian jungle, nevertheless, it has a far-reaching experience with the preparation of tourist programs within the whole country. For eight years Yuturi Tour has been operating the Yuturi Lodge.

The Yuturi Biological Reserve is located 180 Km in straight line (down river) from Puerto Francisco de Orellana (El Coca). Yuturi, the Quichua name for the giant Conga ant, is a splendid lodge, located in a biologic private reserve in the middle of black water lakes, varzea tidal forests and primary terra firme forests. In this place you will find Samona Yuturi indigenous community. The sustenance of this group is based in the fishing and recollection of fruits. The Napo and Yuturi rivers are the principal sources of supply of these indigenous communities. Hunting is no longer practiced inside our reserve. This is an important advantage for the visitors who have the opportunity to find a good quantity of animals in the reserve.



Amazonas N24-240 and Colon Ave.
Quito, Ecuador

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