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Shishink (La Cascada Azul)

Shinshink, Cascada Azul, Quito EcuadorShishink that means " Leaves of the Wind ", in Shuar, is an ecological place destined for the recreation, conservation and protection of one of the places mas beautiful of the Ecuador.

Its ecological reserve located to the norwest of the Pichincha Province, in the canton Puerto Quito, enclosure Puerto Rico, has 3 wonderful waterfalls; Cascada Azul, Yagé and Uwishint, besides Cuevas del Druida, Garganta del Shamán, El Bosque Húmedo Primario Nunkui, El Lago Los Barqueros del Yage, Senderos de aromaterapia, Biking, etc.

For many years La Cascada Azul, from its discovery, has been visited by natives and foreigners by its impressive beauty that demonstrates in its flora, fauna and landscape.

The nearness of a route carrozable has allowed that the property should be contemplated as a redoubt of conservation, preservation and of hope for the motivation of future generations in the environment conservation and the natural resources of the zone. The dizzy fall of the waters of the Rio Culebritas makes see a spectacle that placed in its natural cannon offers to us the greatness of the nature.


Tarifas tour:

2 days / 1 nights $67
3 days / 2 nights $134
4 days / 3 nights $195

Rates are subject to change.

Quito resorts, La Cascada Azul

Quito resorts, La Cascada Azul cabins


Its cabins are very comfortable and allow a total rest, the restaurant will delight it with exotic plates, the adventure as the Rapel, Jumping and ditches it is another attraction, the SPA will offer you everything in physical therapy, reflexología and aromaterapi.


Recinto Puerto Rico Km 149
Puerto Quito, Ecuador


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