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Main cities of Ecuador


Also known as the Athens of Ecuador, its cobbled streets, white buildings with red tiles, beautiful squares, domed churches, and the wonderful environment of the Tomebamba River, make Cuenca a quality tourist destination at national and international level.

It is the third largest city in Ecuador, Cuenca, has a strong intellectual tradition, boasts of having three main universities and several smaller ones. With its large student population and popularity with foreigners, the city also has a modern twist, with art galleries, international restaurants, cafes, and bars all welcoming within colonial architecture. Cuenca is located in one of the most traditional regions of the country, which also gives the city a very strong indigenous presence.

Cuenca is an important artisan center and here the well-known Panama Hat or toquilla straw hat is made, making it the best option for those who wish to buy this product. It is also a good base for visiting the surroundings of the Cajas National Park, hot springs, local markets, and the Inca ruins of Ingapirca.

Tourist attractions

Immaculate Conception Cathedral

It is considered a sculptural work of the wonders of Ecuador. Its construction was inspired by the Basilica of Saint Peter in Rome, it is Gothic, Renaissance and Romanesque in style with three domes protruding from the roof. Hold up to 8,000 people inside from where you can appreciate the beautiful stained glass windows.

Cajas National Park

Located in the western cordillera of the southern Ecuadorian Andes, Caja Nacional Park is made up of high elevations and inside it houses about 165 lagoons with more than 1 hectare in surface and 621 with less than 1 hectare; there are a total of 786 lake systems, which occupy vast valleys like boxes.


It is a very colorful town, known as a jewelry center, where we can find pieces in gold and silver filigree. Also a small selection of objects in carved wood, ceramics, textiles, toquilla straw hats (Panama Hats) and embroidered clothing.


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