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Main cities of Ecuador


Located to the northwest of Ecuador, it is the capital and cantonal head of the Esmeraldas Province, surrounded by fertile lands, pleasant tropical climate and exuberant vegetation.

Also known as San Mateo de las Esmeraldas, its temperature ranges between 21 and 25 degrees Celsius, at an altitude of 15 meters above sea level. It is a popular tourist destination thanks to its beautiful beaches and the ecological reserves that surround it.

The city is the main center of commerce and the main seaport of the northern region of Ecuador. It is also home to the majority of the Afro-Ecuadorian population who stand out for their joy and style for dancing.

Tourist attractions

Regional Museum of Archeology

The museum presents an exhibition of pieces belonging to pre-Columbian cultures, in which beautiful vessels decorated with zoomorphic motifs, belonging to the Tolita culture, stand out.

Cayapas Mataje Ecological Reserve

It is one of the most important natural points of Ecuador, inside it guards a great biodiversity, with an extensive mangrove forest, where the highest mangroves in the world rise.

Atacames beach

It is one of the most visited beaches in Ecuador, located 30 km southwest of the city of Esmeraldas. It has a length of approximately 4 kilometers where you can practice various water and beach activities, such as diving, water skiing or sport fishing.


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