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Red Mangrove Inn hotel

Galapagos Islands hotels, Red Mangrove Inn hotelThe Red Mangrove Inn is one of the unique places on earth where beauty, tranquility and ambiance merge.

Situated in a grove of wild red mangrove perched on the edge of the blue sea, the Inn is peacefully removed from the hustle and bustle of town, yet only a stone's throw from the Charles Darwin Station and downtown Puerto Ayora. Guests typically start their day on the Inn's waterfront terrace, often in the company of sun-basking marine iguanas, scuttling Sally Lightfoot crabs and soaring Frigate birds.

Charmed with lanters of a translucent bark, the entrance walkway brings you through a canopy of red mangroves. There, though only feet from Puerto Ayora, its is not unlikely to see a Yellow-crowned Night Heron.

Upon entering the inn itself, you will find rooms decorated with an artist's touch. Tastefully exposed wooden beams and pleasingly tiled bathrooms lie within white rooms that reflect the sun as it shines in from across the sea.

Accommodation: 9 rooms and 1 suite. 3 rooms have no ocean view, 4 rooms do have ocean view (one of which has a capacity of 8, and one has a capcity of 3). There are 2 Superior rooms with an ocean view which hold 3 and 5 people, and the suite has a capacity of 3 people.

Galapagos Islands snorkelingA small pool, a meeting area with plush tables and chairs, a common room with television, and plenty of hammocks for lounging. The inn also has its own boutique, which sells artistic goods and organic coffee, and an amazing sushi restaurant/bar. The Red Mangrove Adventure Inn will guarantee a truly individual and unforgettable experience.

Activities: Night of Camping, Mountain Tour, Mountain Bike Tour, Horseback riding Tour, Sea Kayaking Tour, Bay Tour, Scuba diving, Fishing Tour, Surfing


Single $. 130
Double $. 160

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Red Mangrove Inn hotelRed Mangrove Inn hotel

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