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Main cities of Ecuador


Also known as the "World Banana Capital", it is located in the south of Ecuador, it is one of the most important development centers in the country.

Machala is the capital of the province of El Oro, it has a unique landscape for the enjoyment of national and foreign tourists who visit this charming city for its beautiful parks, streets and the friendly people of Machala. Every year in Machala, the International Banana Fair is held during the third week of September, here the Queen of Bananas will be chosen, among the participants who come from different countries in Latin America.

Machala bases its economy mainly on agriculture. Its main products are: bananas, coffee and cocoa. The banana industry is particularly export-oriented, and plays an important role in the city's economy. Bananas are shipped from nearby Puerto Bolívar, mainly to North America. The geographical position of Machala, near Guayaquil also makes it an important transportation hub. Many travel south or north of Peru from Guayaquil passing through the city.

Machala offers its visitors many attractions: the Isla de Jambelí with its sunny beaches surrounded by mangroves, the Isla del Amor, an ecological island inhabited by seabirds that come to nest there, Isla Santa Clara, a refuge for seabirds (boobies blue-legged, frigate, pelicans) where you can also enjoy the wonderful spectacle of whale and dolphin watching in the months of June to October. On the main road to Machala, southeast of the city, is the statue of the Bananero, a man carrying a large banana branch. This is the most eloquent monument in Machala.

Tourist attractions

Juan Montalvo Park

It is a recreation place for children, youth and adults who are looking for a time for leisure and admire the natural beauty that surrounds it. It has a beautiful view adorned with three pools, framed by an elegant church and surrounded by impressive buildings, including the Municipality of the city.

Bolivar port

It is the second most important port in Ecuador, located 7 km from the city of Machala. In Puerto Bolívar trade and the largest banana cargo in the country are mobilized. It also has several restaurants that offer the best of the typical dishes of the city of Machala, accompanied by a spectacular view of the natural mangroves that surround the port.

Jambelí Island

Located 35 minutes by boat from Puerto Bolívar, the trip becomes an exciting adventure, observing the beauty of the landscape, variety of birds and mangroves in the area. Jambelí is the largest and most populated archipelago open sea beach, it has several restaurants, recreation, accommodation and nautical activities.

Isla del Amor

Located five minutes by boat from Puerto Bolívar, it is the ideal place for nature lovers and ornithologists. It has a great variety of birds.

Puyango Petrified Forest

It is a Nature Reserve, located along the Puyango River, which divides the provinces of El Oro and Loja. Its main attraction is the fossilized tree trunks that are approximately 100 million years old and is the largest collection of petrified wood in the world, the largest specimen is 2 m in diameter and 15 m long.