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Principales ciudades del Ecuador


Manta is located in the province of Manabí, on the northwest coast of Ecuador. It is the first tourist, maritime and fishing port in the country. It has a dry climate, with temperatures ranging between 24 and 32 degrees Celsius. It offers its national and foreign visitors a great season of sun throughout the year.

The city in the years 500 to 1526 after Christ, was home to the Manteña culture and the aborigines called it Jocay, which in Mayan language means "house of the fish."

Manta is one of the most economically dynamic cities for its industrial fishing development, where vegetable oil companies, maquiladoras and the most important tuna fishery stand out.

The city is connected to the entire country by land, air and sea. It is also located on the Spontylus Route, which makes it one of the preferred destinations for vacationing on its beautiful beaches, parks, shopping malls and piers.

Tourist attractions

Central Bank Museum

It is one of the most attractive sites in the city of Manta, offering the opportunity to learn about the pre-Hispanic cultures of Manabí. Inside it keeps authentic pieces of the Manteña culture.

Machalilla National Park

Located in the province of Manabí, it is one of the largest protected areas on the Ecuadorian Coast. It has more than 56 thousand hectares where dry and semi-dry forests, marine environments, beaches and islets are found.

Murcielago Beach

It is one of the busiest beaches in the province of Manabí, where the scenic boardwalk is located, which has more than 20 restaurants that offer a variety of dishes prepared from seafood.

Alfaro City Civic Center

Located on the slopes of Montecristi hill, the Ciudad Alfaro Civic Center offers its visitors a privileged view of the Manabí coast. Inside lies the ashes of the revolutionary Eloy Alfaro Delgado. It was created for educational, cultural, academic, social, technological and tourist development.


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