Quito pictures

Detail of the House of Sucre Museum in Quito Ecuador
Casa de Sucre

The Wax Museums in the Mena Caamaño in Quito Ecuador
Alberto Mena Caamaño

Interior of the Colonial Art Museum of the House of Culture in Quito Ecuador
Casa de la Cultura

The Presidents Hall of the Jijon y Caamaño in Quito Ecuador
Jacinto Jijon Caamaño

Eloy Alfaro Military School museum

Eloy Alfaro Military School museum in Quito Ecuador

This Eloy Alfaro Military School museum counts on a complex that nonsingle is destined to military history. The the past archaeological nature and also has their space. Suits and the ammunition used in the wars of independence, pictures of the illustrious military of the country, rest of the anonymous soldiers fallen in combat and some personal effects of general Eloy Alfaro are the treasures of the Templete of the Heroes.

A gallery of the San Francisco museum in Quito Ecuador
Convento de San Francisco


Museo de la Ciudad in Quito Ecuador
Museo de la Ciudad

Sample of the Art Colletion of House of Benalcazar in Quito Ecuador
Casa de Benalcazar

A gallery of the Maria Augusta Urrutia museum in Quito Ecuador
Maria Augusta Urrutia

A gallery of the Fundacion Guayasamin museums in Quito Ecuador
Fundacion Guayasamin

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