Quito pictures

Quito, Ecuador, Mitad del Mundo
Mitad del Mundo

Quito, Ecuador, Marical Sucre airport
Quito airport

Quito, Ecuador, Centro Cultural Metropolitano

Quito, Ecuador, Virgen del Panecillo
Virgen del Panecillo

Guayasamin house

Quito, Ecuador, Guayasamin house

The Age of the Wrath. Oswaldo Guayasamín Hands "the Age of Wrath" between 1961 and 1990, composed by 150 pictures of great format, within that series are collections around same a thematic one, like "the Hands" (12 oils), "Women Crying" (7 oils), "the Delay" (11 oils), "the Mutilated ones" (6 oils), "Meeting in the Pentagon" (5 oils), "Rivers of Blood" (3 oils).

Quito, Ecuador, Cotopaxi volcano & Quito buildings
Quito city & volcano

Quito, Ecuador, La Carolina park
La Carolina park

Quito, Ecuador, Palacio de Gobierno
Government Palace

Quito, Ecuador, North of Quito
North of Quito

Quito, Ecuador, Casa de la Cultura
Casa de la Cultura


  Quito Casa de la Cultura

 Quito Casa de Sucre museum   

Tours in Quito: fantastic tours to historical sites, museums, colonial churches, artisan galleries and a number of activities to choose from.

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