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Hosteria Rincon de Puembo

Hosteria Rincon de Puembo in Quito EcuadorThe Colonial Quito of the Hosteria Rincon de Puembo, gives the idea that in each room a family of the Quito aristocracy resides. Each one of them, of equal level economic partner and who, have constructed their house according to their economic possibilities; reason why each room of the Rincon de Puembo has different facade, color and infrastructure; in two words: "Unique Style.

The entrance to the lobby of the rooms is very similar to the old Central Bank, nowadays, the House of the Currency. Within the lobby, the first that calls attention is a Lamp of 3 meters in length, elaborated in copper and forged iron, by the best craftsmen of Ecuador; giving the sensation to be in a great hall of the old Quito.

The design, colors and forms of the walls and corners, allow the guest to feel in an atmosphere warm and familiar, but also very exclusive, since it will be able to admire unique crafts and murals, painted by Ecuadorian artists, as the great construction of "Guapulo".

Inside the rooms a fine decorative touch is dazzled, where the best finished art of Cuenca and the European are mixed. All these with the only purpose of giving a real rest to our guests.

With capacity of lodging for 40 people, the Hosteria Rincon de Puembo offers the ideal place for a familiar weekend; as well as to satisfy the enterprise needs in its seminaries and conventions. This will be an unforgettable experience for all the guests and of course they will like to live it again.


Restaurant “Las Cúpulas”: It’s a place created to attract the pleasures of our visitors. We have put together a kitchen where we combined the best regional products and the latest culinary techniques, creating a final product of pure quality.

BarRio cafe: A fresh cup of coffee or a pleasing cocktail go hand in hand with the right company and right place. Therefore, we invite you to enjoy our collection of fine drinks and coffee from all over the world!

Accomadation: If you want to get away from the city and go to a tranquil place for the weekend (or the time that you like), Rincon de Puembo offers the best installations! We have 18 luxury rooms, single and doubles, ready to satisfy the most demanding lodging pleasure in an atmosphere of the style of Colonial Quito.

Single $108.36
Double $120.56
Triple $165.70
Quadruple $208.40

Quito resorts, Hosteria Rincon de Puembo

Hosteria Rincon de Puembo in Quito Ecuador


Manuel Burbano 1436
Puembo, Ecuador


(593) 2 255 3953
(593) 2 255 9654
(593) 9 9820 3577
(593) 2 255 0532


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