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Located at the western end of the Santa Elena province, 141 kilometers from the city of Guayaquil, it is undoubtedly a great place to see and enjoy. Salinas is so named because salt is extracted from the region.

The city was discovered in 1520, many men were the ones who participated in this event. It was Francisco Pizarro, a Spanish conqueror who discovered Salinas. Later Simón Bolívar and Antonio José de Sucre, fought for the independence of Ecuador from the Spanish.

Salinas is a relatively small city. The beach is almost perfectly divided in half by a pier, where you can find the Salinas Yacht Club. The half-moon sand bay on the north side, where the action activities take place, is Playa de Salinas. To the south is the Chipipe Beach, quieter and more familiar.

It has a pleasant climate throughout the year. Its average temperature is 24 º C. It also offers sports fishing and whale watching activities or simply enjoy visiting the beautiful beaches along the Spondylus Route.

Every year on the beach of Salinas, international regattas and world fishing championships are organized, because in its waters all kinds of fish abound such as black, blue and striped swordfish, tuna, gold, among others.

Tourist attractions

Naval Archaeological Museum

The museum shows the immense archaeological wealth of the pre-Hispanic cultures that inhabited this region. It also has a representation of the old rafts made of wood with large cotton sails, which impressed the Spanish by the long distances they traveled. In addition you can find the coins of the Spanish conquest, and some pieces of the "Lady Capitan" a ship that sank in 1664.


It is one of the main attractions in Salinas, it is recognized worldwide for its transparent and peaceful waters. Chipipe beach is part of the tropical dry forest life zone, along the beach you can see coconut palms. In addition you can find crabs, shells, pelicans, blue-footed boobies and the flight of seagulls.

La Chocolatera

A must-see tourist spot in Salina, it is the second most salient point in South America. Here the currents converge, which lift the sand from the bottom and give the chocolate tone to the sea, it is a unique and colorful spectacle when the waves hit the rocks and offer multiple rainbows.


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