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Sani Lodge

Sani Lodge resort in Quito Ecuador Sani Lodge is truly a one of a kind Ecuador ecolodge dedicated to ecotourism, environmental conservation, and community in the Amazon rainforest of Ecuador. Sani Lodge is owned and operated by members of the Sani community, meaning that with their extensive knowledge of the Amazon wildlife and biodiversity they can give Sani Lodge guests the true experience of the Ecuadorian Amazon jungle. In addition to providing excellent service to its guests, Sani Lodge participates in community ecotourism - profits from the jungle lodge are reinvested into the community, improving the lives of all who live there.

Sani is located on a secluded lagoon off of the Napo river on 37,000 hectares (91 acres). It is remote: visitors must first get to Coca and from there take a 3 hour motor canoe ride to a point on the Napo. If the water is high, smaller canoes can take then guests right to the lodge, otherwise, you may have to hike from the drop-off point off the Napo.

Deep within the Ecuadorian Amazon jungle you will find a mysterious lake called Challuacocha, where floating water hyacinths and grasses obscure the shores. And if you venture out on this lagoon in a dug out canoe early in the morning when it is quiet and the light is still low, you just might see, somewhere out there, lying hidden in the vegetation a rare and wild Manatee or Anaconda. Float here for a while, scanning the horizon and you would probably notice the yellow, banded chest of an Aracari or hear the hoarse whisper of the Hoatzin. Eventually, the day would pass and you could peer out across the shimmering, black water towards the setting sun, and almost certainly see the gleaming orange eyes of the Black Caiman.


Sani Lodge resort in Quito Ecuador Here at Sani Lodge, we go out of our way to provide a unique Amazon rainforest experience. All of your jungle adventures at Sani will be guided by a bilingual, naturalist as well as a knowledgeable native guide who will customize your activities to the needs and desires of your group. Following, are just a few of the jungle tour options you can choose from

Tree Tower: Just a short stroll away from the lodge this 100 ft tower, built around a mighty, emergent Kapok is a great place to get a raptor level view on the Amazon jungle and peer into the mysterious rainforest canopy. Birding from this vantage point is amazing.

Canoe the Challuayacu: Yacu is Quichua for stream, and from the Challua you will experience the rainforest in a whole new way. Sneak up on birds, amphibians and other Amazon wildlife from a stealthy canoe paddled by an expert native guide and notice the difference in rainforest vegetation which grows along and overtop of the river.

Sani Lodge, wildlife in Quito EcuadorNight Caiman Watching: Whether from the bar with a pair of binoculars, or up close and personal in a canoe, you will be able to view the active and healthy Black Caiman population (a rare and endangered Amazon species) which resides in our lagoon.

Golden Mantled Tamarin Trail: This trail is located on the south side of the Rio Napo and is a great way to appreciate the local variation in distribution and abundance in the Amazon rainforest. On this side of the Napo you will hike into the tierra firma forest, and maybe get a chance to see unique ant bird species. Also, you might see 4 species of monkeys, which cannot be found to the north of the Napo including the magnificent monkey for which the trail is named.


Quito resorts, Sani LodgeSani Lodge accommodates only 16 guests, emphasizing quality rather than quantity, and thereby offering you a more intimate experience with the rainforest. The lodge itself consists of eight, private, thatch-roofed cabanas, each with a modern bathroom.

The cabanas are spaciously designed for double occupancy, and have screened in windows to guard against insects while you sleep. Electric lights at the lodge run from ecologically friendly solar energy instead of a noisy generator so the night sounds will be pure and natural. Oil lamps are also provided for those who appreciate that rustic feel.

Sani Jungle Lodge Dining

The cuisine during your adventure will be innovative, combining examples of fresh, local ingredients with an international style. Vegetarian, chicken and fish dishes will be served. Fresh bread, baked daily and scrumptious exotic fruits will greet you in the morning. At lunch, sip on refreshing exotic juices, like guanabana, guava, passion fruit, cactus fruit, citrus, and coconut. And in the evening after a beautiful meal, original deserts and fine Ecuadorian coffee will send you happily satisfied to a comfy chair in the lounge to reflect on the days adventures in the Amazon.

Tour rates:  
4 días / 3 noches $450
5 días / 4 noches $600
6 días / 5 noches $750
7 días / 6 noches $900

Rates are subject to change.

Quito resort, Sani Amazon wildlife

Sani Lodge widlife in Ecuador, Quito resorts

Address office:

Roca 736 and Amazonas
Quito, Ecuador


(593) 2 255 3953
(593) 2 255 9654
(593) 9 9820 3577
(593) 2 255 0532


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