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Main cities of Ecuador

Santo Domingo

Santo Domingo is the capital of the Santo Domingo de los Tsachilas province, it is the link point between the regions of Ecuador. Surrounded by an impressive setting of tropical forests, rivers, waterfalls, and wild animals.

Also known as Santo Domingo de los Colorados, located in the western mountain range of the Andes of Ecuador, in a tropical rainy climatic zone, with an average temperature of 22.9 ° C. It is a dynamic and welcoming city, it houses large cultural, financial, administrative and commercial organizations.

The main economic activity of the city is agriculture, livestock and tourism. In the surroundings of the city there are several native communities of the Tsachilas ethnic group, where you can learn about their traditions and customs.

Tourist attractions

La Carolina Botanical Garden

It is also known as the Padre Julio Marrero Botanical Garden, considered among the largest in Ecuador and South America. It was created with the purpose of conserving species of high scientific value, due to its great diversity and endemism.

Parque Zaracay

It is the central park and symbol of all the virtues of the city of Santo Domingo, here is the Monument to Joaquín Zaracay, who was the first governor of the Tsáchilas ethnic group.

Protective Forest La Perla

It has 250 hectares of Ecuadorian coastal humid tropical forest. Inside, it preserves and cares for natural resources through environmental education and awareness of the human impact on flora and fauna.

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