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Termas Papallacta Resort & Spa

Termas Papallacta Resort & Spa  in Quito EcuadorTermas de Papallacta" Hot Springs SPA & RESORT is located 67 kilometers east of the city of Quito, at only one and a half hour's distance, in the paved Highway on the way to Baeza.

This marvelous Spa & Resort is located on the Cinnamon Trail, the same route that the Spaniards took in 1542 on their way to discover the great Amazon River. However, despite the fact that this place is located in the Ecuadorian Highlands, at an altitude of 3,220 meters above sea level, Papallacta is the entry door to the Ecuadorian Amazon Region.

Due to altitude and humidity that comes from the Amazon, the climate is cold and humid, with an average environmental temperature between 10o to 14o C. Upon arrival at Papallacta, you will began to feel the beneficial effects of the life-giving, diaphanous air which originates in a singular meeting of the Amazonian winds with the rocks, forests and water of the high Andean. Papallacta is privileged located in an area between two Andean-Equatorial majestic volcanoes; namely, Cayambe and Antisana. The thermal waters feeding the Papallacta fountains emerge from deep geological layers through fissures up to the surface with all its healthy properties.

Specific Benefits of the Medicinal Mineral Waters of Termas de Papallacta

  • The sulphates, sodium and magnesium improve intestinal movement, they are anti-allergic, soothing and des-inflammatory, they help regulate intestinal Ph, obesity, kidney and gallstones and gout.
  • The sulphates and calcium helps to maintain neuro-vegatative balance and has diuretic properties.
  • The chloride has a minor effect on gastric secretions and intestinal movement (colic), and generally helps to activate metabolism. It is des-inflammatory, anti-rheumatic and anti-catarrhal. It is also active in rheumatic-arthritic processes and in cases or neuralgia.
  • The sodium chloride makes the waters stimulating.
  • The calcium salts have a soothing effect


Termas Papallacta Resort & Spa  in Quito EcuadorDiscover the solidarity and adventurous spirit during the walks and tours through the fascinating high plateau of the Andes. Enter the habitat of condors, pumas, bears and other species endemic to this area. "Termas de Papallacta" owns the "Rancho del Canon", a protected area of 625 acres (250 hectares) located at the entrance of the Cayambe-Coca ecological reserve.

The Papallacta River crosses both the hacienda (ranch) and the high area of the valley. Visitors can enjoy spectacular views of the Antisana volcano (5.758 meters / 18,891 feet).  We offer walks with our native guides as well as self-guided ones through ecological trails, allowing nature lovers to appreciate the unique endemic species of flora and fauna. This area provides an ideal place for ornithologists who would be able to watch more than 160 different species of birds, including hummingbirds, tangaras and occasionally the great Andean Condor.

Termas Papallacta Resort & Spa  in Quito EcuadorAccommodations:  At 150 meters distance from the hotel, you will be able to enjoy privately one of the beautiful cabins, whose external swimming pools, exclusive for guests, will provide you with an environment where you will be able to relax and enjoy with your family or friends unforgettable moments.

Diving: And, since the good food is an important part of the trip, we offer you restaurants where you can savor national and international food both at the SPA and at the Hotel and the SPA. The trout raised in this zone is the specialty. Many of the vegetables that we offer are organically grown at our vegetable garden, free of chemicals or pesticides.

Rates tour:  
4 days / 3 nights $197
5 days / 4 nights $219
6 days / 5 nights $296
7 days / 6 nights $319

Termas Papallacta Resort, Spa

Termas Papallacta Resort, Thermal pools

Office Address:

Foch E7-38 and Reina Victoria
Quito, Ecuador


(593) 2 255 3953
(593) 2 255 9654
(593) 9 9820 3577
(593) 2 255 0532


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