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Tinalandia Ecolodge

Quito resort, Tinalandia EcolodgeTinalandia has a rich and epic history, which in modern times has seen Tinalandia play the role of visionary in land management and tourism as one of the first ecotourism projects in South America. But it is the natural history of Tinalandia that has made it famous around the world.

Numerous biologists, writers and nature enthusiasts have visited us over the years, and have raved about the natural wonders of the reserve - its bird life being the most famed.

Tinalandia Nature Reserve spans about 200 acres, the majority of which is primary rainforest, with an adjacent reserve of 600 acres. Located at an elevation of approximately 2,000 feet, its tropical climate is gorgeous year-round and hosts incredible biodiversity. In 1998, we purchased an additional 16 Hectares (about 40 acres) to increase the size of the protected forest. Plans are constantly in development to raise funds to purchase more virgin forest and to continue protecting the surrounding area from deforestation. Your stay at Tinalandia is a contribution that enables us to continue protecting our forest and expanding it at a time in history when our natural treasures are disappearing at an alarming rate.

Location: To reach Tinalandia Hotel from Quito by car, drive south along the Pan American Highway for roughly 40 km to Aloag. Here, turn west towards Sto. Domingo del los Colorados. After about 70km of this road you will see a stone marker opposite the hotel's entrance. From here, drive into the Tinalandia reserve and enjoy all it has to offer. (If you pass a military installation on the left, you've gone several kilometers too far.)

Activities at Tinalandia

Quito resort, Tinalandia EcolodgeBirdwatching: Tinalandia is considered to be a premiere location for bird watching in Ecuador due to its outstanding biodiversity and proximity to Quito. Located on the western slope of the Andes Mountain Range, botanists and ornithologists consider this region to be the most bio-diverse region in the world.

A simple morning walk among the grounds of Tinalandia brings you in contact with flocking groups of up to 15 Toucans - often for visitors that are not even out birding.

Quito resort, Tinalandia EcolodgeHiking in the Rainforest: A short trek from the lodge brings you to the edge of the primary rainforest, spanning over 60 acres. Three trails offer 1 to 4 hour hikes on cascading hillsides with a whitewater stream of rocks and boulders to challenge ultimate sport enthusiasts. The highlands of Tinalandia offer a panoramic view of the rainforest canopy, something so often missed on Amazon tours that stay at ground level. Being eye to eye with the rainforest canopy, these hikes give you the opportunity to face the birds inhabiting the forest from a new perspective. The furthest trek takes you on foot to one of the world's few remaining moss forests.

Rafting: Also available at Tinalandia is a spectacular class III river-rafting ride down the Toachi River. A well-equipped US tour operator in the area can easily arrange all that you would need to brave these rapids.


Quito resort, Tinalandia Ecolodge, cabinTinalandia has two main lodging facilities: on the lower bank are the reception area and dining hall; the other on the upper bank hosts the main guest rooms and a recreation hall. Next to the upper cabins is our 9-hole golf course which, due to its location at the edge of the rainforest, provides an one-of-a-kind play, and possibly better birdwatching than golfing itself. The 16 rooms, each with its own unique style, accommodate 41 guests and give Tinalandia an aristocratic character and charm.

Diving: The meals at Tinalandia are wholesome, home-cooked, delicious dishes. Most of the fruits are collected from Tinalandia's own gardens - we harvest only that which is necessary and leave the rest to drop to the ground for the birds and insects of the region. Most vegetables are bought in Quito from a hydroponic and organic French farm. A typical meal consists of soup, potatoes or rice, vegetables, and meat or fish.

4 days / 3 nights  tour $250
5 days / 4 nights  tour $350
6 days / 5 nights  tour $480
7 days / 6 nights  tour $740

Rates are subject to change.

Tinalandia Ecolodge, White-shiskered Hermit

Tinalandia Ecolodge wildlife, butterflies

Office Address:

Urbanización El Bosque 2da. Etapa Av. del Parque
Calle 3era. Lote 98 #43-78
Quito, Ecuador


(593) 2 255 3953
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