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Nuestra Señora de Guapulo Church

Considered as an architectural jewel of the 16th century, the Nuestra Señora de Guápulo Church is the first Marian Sanctuary in Ecuador, which worships the Virgin of Guadalupe, of which there is an image, carved by the artist Diego de Robles and polychrome by the painter Luis de Rivera.

Designed by the Franciscan architect Antonio Rodríguez. Its construction began in 1649 during the Colonial era. Its facade combines a simple neoclassical style and the main temple has a single nave, shaped like a Latin cross, with a large central dome.

The pulpit of the Guápulo Church is unique in its style and form, which is why it is considered among the most beautiful in Latin America. It is a masterpiece by the indigenous sculptor Juan Bautista Menacho.

The sacristy was enabled as a museum in 2001, consisting of three rooms where works by various artists from the Quito School are exhibited such as: Caspicara, Samaniego, Miguel de Santiago, among others.

To get to the church of Guápulo, you have to walk a road that was used by Francisco de Orellana in 1542 as a route that led him to discover the Amazon river, known as the Path of the Conquerors.

Representative works

  • The miracles of the Virgin of Guadalupe
  • Virgen María
  • El Calvario
  • San Pedro de Alcántara
  • San Antonio de Padua
  • Señor del Río


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