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La Carolina Park

La Carolina Park is located in the millennial Iñaquito Valley, a financial and business sector. It is one of the most important and most visited green areas in the city of Quito, with 64 hectares.

The park is believed to have formed part of the lands of the Inca Huayna Cápac, who had two lagoons built, one for duck hunting and the other for bird hunting. In the 20th century, the land was part of the Hacienda La Carolina, an area of dozens of swamps and lagoons, so it was used for grazing livestock and agricultural use.

In 1939, María Augusta Urrutia Barba donated most of the hacienda to the Municipality of Quito and in 1942 the project for a sports center on the plain of La Carolina was born, its author Guillermo Jones Odriozola, said that the park would have a magnificent composition of green and wooded spaces.

Currently La Carolina Park is an oxygenating element of the city that fulfills an important social function with green and sports areas.


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