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Tourist Attractions in Quito

Middle of the World

The Middle of the World is located in San Antonio de Pichincha, just 30 minutes northwest of Quito, exactly on the equinoctial line, where it is possible to change the hemisphere with a single step.

In 1970, the 10-meter-high pyramid-shaped historical monument was erected, which has the coats of arms of France, Spain, Ecuador and the Toesa measuring instrument engraved in honor of the first Geodesic Mission, who determined that Ecuador passed the imaginary line that marks latitude 0º, which divides Planet Earth into two equal hemispheres, North and South.

Inside the monument is the Ethnographic Museum opened on August 9, 1892 and has an exhibition of ethnographic pieces, so that visitors learn more about the culture and history of Quito and Ecuador.

Also inside the Middle of the World City you can visit the planetarium, the Beer Museum and several craft shops.

Visiting points

  • Ethnographic museum
  • Ecuador Pavilion
  • France Pavilion
  • Guayasamin Pavilion
  • Planetary
  • Colonial Quito
  • Cerveza museum
  • Cocoa Square
  • Museum of the Virgins
  • Train station

Attention hours

  • Monday to Sunday: 09:00 a.m. to 06:00 p.m.
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