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Otavalo is one of the most important tourist destinations in Ecuador. Located in the province of Imbabura, just 2 hours north of the city of Quito.

Known as the Intercultural Capital of Ecuador or Valle del Amanecer, Otavalo is one of the favorite destinations for national and foreign tourists. It offers a wide variety of activities for both adventure tourism, nature and culture.

Otavalo is surrounded by mountains, lakes, rivers, and springs that make this small town a paradise worth visiting. Its main attraction is the Plaza de Los Ponchos, one of the most important craft markets in Latin America, where you walk amidst thousands of tapestries, ponchos, wool sacks, hats, hand-knitted gloves and traditional clothing from indigenous women in area.

It also preserves indigenous traditions, such as the Inti Raimi festivals, where they worship the Andean deities, are grateful for the crops obtained and exalt the fertility of mother earth.

Another of its traditional festivals is the Yamor, it is a historical-cultural celebration that unites the communities in gratitude to the Pacha Mama for the harvest and the religious festival dedicated to the Virgin Mary of Monserrat.

Puntos de visita

  • Plaza de Los Ponchos
  • Cuicocha Lagoon
  • San Pablo Lake
  • Peguche waterfall
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