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Quito Zoo

The Quito Zoo or also called the Guayllababa Zoo, is a center dedicated to the care and rehabilitation of wildlife. Located in the Guayllabamba parish, just 25 km from Quito.

In 1997, the Zoological Foundation of Ecuador took on the challenge of working with native fauna with an emphasis on the most threatened species. The project started with the collection of the Amazon Zoo from the Eloy Alfaro Military College.

The Quito Zoo occupies an area of 12 hectares, where the majority of animals are fauna native to Ecuador, although species from other countries can also be found.

The Quito Zoo is the first to receive accreditation by the Latin American Association of Zoological Parks and Aquariums ALPZA in Ecuador, for having solid processes in safety, education and conservation.

Attention hours

  • Tuesday to Sunday: 9h00 to 17h00


  • S/N Guayllabamba Quito-Ecuador


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