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Tourist Attractions in Quito

San Francisco Church

The Church of San Francisco is the largest architectural complex in America, located in the Historic Center of Quito. It is an impressive religious temple of the city's Franciscan heritage, spanning almost two full blocks.

Its construction begins thanks to the donations of the Spanish conquerors, on January 25, 1535 by Fray Jodoco Ricke. For different styles, the Church of San Francisco is known as a jewel of continental architecture with more than 150 years of construction.

San Francisco is made up of 3 temples, 6 main and other secondary cloisters, and 7 courtyards. Inside we can appreciate more than 3,500 works of colonial art made in different artistic techniques and learn about its traditional and curious legend.

The church is a baroque work, in its main altar there are 2 sculptures that are part of the Quito school of art, the Virgin of Quito and the Jesus of Great Power.

Representative works

  • El Bautizo del Señor
  • Jesús del Gran Poder
  • Virgen Alada de Quito
  • La impresión de las llagas de San Francisco
  • Orden Terciaria


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