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Teleferico Quito

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Teleferico of Quito


Teleferico Quito

The teleferico is an installation of transport that works according to the principle of the sway. The hardiness and scanty maintenance of the structure have been determinant factors in the election for the constructions placed in high mountain, in diverse parts of the world. The project teleferico of the city of Quito is turning actually, since it is being constructed in the skirts of the Ruccu Pichincha. This tourist attraction will add those that nowadays the city possesses.

It is located in the city of Quito, on the Av. Western at a height of the Av. The Gasca, to be able to enjoy the beauty of the city, the valleys, the snow-capped mountains and all it natural and ecological environment. Here they will find zones of scattering and amusement, as a park of mechanical attractions, commercial walk, sites for degustation of eaten, amusement, spectacles, areas to promote the art and culture, church, put Andean, spa, fish-pond, aviario; in general, a site of familiar integration, a place that will be of great attractively both for the national visitors and for foreigners.

Characteristic: 8 cabins with capacity of 6 persons each one, a tour of approximately between 8 to 10 minutes in 2.500 linear meters, the teleferico gets up from 2.950 meters up to 4.050 meters of altitude, 2 cabins of load.

A view of the teleferico in Quito EcuadorSTATION OF EXIT: It will meet received in commercial places, handcrafted squares, bars, restaurants, small squares of amusement and rest, viewing-points surrounded with wonderful gardens, pure air and exuberant vegetation, on a spectacular sight of the city and it surroundings. The visitors will be able to estimate the beauty of our culture across crafts, paintings, art, spectacles and the degustation of our culinary traditions, everything with a mixture of modernist, typical decoration, and very changed in every crossed zone.


To 4.050 meters of height, the Project has planned the construction of a Catholic Temple, a restaurant gourmet, cafeteria viewing-point, commercial places and of crafts, and a series of paths and viewing-points that they will allow to the visitors to enjoy a spectacular panoramic sight of the city of Quito, bordering valleys, Andean landscapes, mountains, snow-capped mountains and the oriental mountain chain, everything in an environment of magnificent natural beauty.


Like in the most important capitals of the world, Quito finally will be able to possess a fixed park of mechanical distractions, technology of top, in order to offer amusement across varied attractions, games, innovations, suitably for every public with approximately 22 mechanical attractions and recreationally.


It possesses 5 rooms of cinema capacity for 150 and 180 persons, snacks and amusement quite surrounded by a natural environment.


The construction is foreseen of a put Andean, with hot, cozy and familiar environment, of typical construction in the fronts and with all the comforts in it interior. The tourist complex in addition will have a SPA with high standards of quality and a without number of facilities and services to achieve a pleasant stay. All that to a height of 3.400 meters.











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