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El Ejido Park

El Ejido park in Quito EcuadorLocation: It is delimited by the avenues Patria, 6 of December, Tarqui and the Guayaquil street.

The Ejido park marks to the division between the old city and the modern one. In the Ejido they inhabit 1470 species of native plants like cholán, alder, chamburo, the palms and the guabos.

During the week ends it is possible to be acquired art works, jewels in silver, ponchos, coats, vests, among other new features.

This park each weekend gambles parties of volleyball that attract the public attention.
In addition to enjoy the traditional popular games of coconuts. The objective consists of removing to these (great metal balls) from the interior of an Earth circle drawn up and it is due to eliminate of pepo (blow) the adversaries.

General Eloy Alfaro was incinerated the 28 of January of 1912. In order to remember this event, the "eternal flame" was built that remembers to the Old Fighter and its important work.

































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